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Urinary Diseases


Urinary Diseases

The urinary system produces, stores and eliminates urine - the fluid waste excreted by the kidneys. The urinary system includes kidneys, ureters, bladder, sphincter muscles and the urethra. Adults eliminate about 1.5 liters of urine per day, depending on the amount of fluid consumed. Estimates indicate that diseases of the kidney and urinary tract account for approximately 830,000 deaths annually.

Mantra Therapies

Mantra offers authentic treatment, medicines, products, and home remedies for urinary problems. The system is thus cleaned and strengthened by toning and rejuvenating preparations. Panchakarma therapy is a very effective means of cleansing the body internally.

Lepam – Application of herbal paste.

Virechanam – Purgation or laxative therapy.

Vasthy – Enema therapy.

Uthara vasthy – Administration of medicines through urinary tract.


Urinary Diseases Treatment in Dubai

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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