Post COVID Ayurvedic Care In Dubai | Post Covid Ayurvedic Treatments

Post COVID Ayurvedic Care


Post COVID Ayurvedic Care

The current covid-19 Pandemic along with Post Covid - Syndrome raised many gestures to the medical fraternity for which Ayurveda can be the solution in regends to its prevention of treatment. Mantra offers you medical support for all the post covid symptoms.

Mantra Post Covid-19 Management Wellness Therapies will help you to cure

  1. Dyspnoea
  2. Chest pain
  3. Myalgia & Weakness
  4. Fatigue
  5. Joint Pain
  6. Insomnia
  7. Allergy/Rashes
  8. Anxiety, Depression
  9. Hairloss
  10. Gastrointestinal Disorder
  11. Recurrent Headache
  12. Metabolic Disruption


We provide Ayurveda Therapies Like

  • Abhyangam
  • Kizhi
  • Nasyam
  • Urovash
  • Urolepanam
  • Thalapothichil
  • Panchakarma
  • Sirodhara
  • Udvarthanam
  • Suvdanam
  • Lepanam
  • Pichu
  • Ulsadanam


The Therapies will be planned by Experienced Ayurveda doctors based on the presenting symptoms of the patients after the observation of detailed consultation

We accept insurance for Ayurveda Treatment