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Take care of your Eyes with Ayurveda


Take care of your Eyes with Ayurveda

17 Apr 2023

Eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, and taking care of them is essential for maintaining good vision and overall health. Natural remedies, diet, and lifestyle are all part of Ayurvedic eye care. Take care of your Eyes with Ayurveda with the best treatments.


Ayurveda considers a healthy diet essential for maintaining eye health. Antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, should be consumed in adequate amounts in the diet. In addition to leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, almonds, and fish, many foods are beneficial to eye health. Check out Ayurvedic Eye Diseases Treatment in Dubai for better relief. Experts treat you with special care.

Eye Exercises

Various eye exercises are suggested by Ayurveda to improve vision and strengthen the eye muscles. Taking deep breaths while placing your palms over your eyes is one such exercise. Exercises like this help to relax the eyes and reduce strain. Another exercise is to focus on distant objects and then switch to closer objects. Using this exercise improves your eyes' ability to focus more.

Netra Basti

Netra Basti involves applying warm ghee to the eyes as an Ayurvedic treatment. Dryness is reduced, vision is improved, and eye strain is relieved with this treatment. Inflammation and irritation are decreased by the warm ghee that nourishes the eyes.


Traditionally, Triphala was used to promote eye health in Ayurveda. Regular treatment reduces eye strain and fatigue, and it improves vision as well.


Ayurvedic remedies for maintaining healthy eyes include amla, also known as Indian gooseberry. A rich source of Vitamin C, amla is beneficial for eye health. Prevents eye infections, improves vision, and reduces inflammation.


Reduces eye strain and fatigue with rosewater, a natural remedy. It reduces inflammation and redness in the eyes by cooling them. Mantra Ayurveda is the leading Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai for all types of health-related problems. Reach us here to know more. 

Proper Sleep

According to Ayurveda, good eye health depends on a sound night's sleep. Getting enough restful sleep helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue. The suggested amount of sleep per night is 7-8 hours.

To conclude, Ayurveda promotes good eye health holistically. By eating a balanced diet, practicing eye exercises, and using natural remedies like Triphala and rosewater, you can improve your vision, reduce eye strain, and promote your overall eye health. Any new treatment or remedy should be discussed with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Maintaining good eye health also requires regular eye examinations with Ayurvedic experts.